Working as a team in and out of the studio

Since Xigen started over a decade ago, it has continued to grow and during that time there has been a real emphasis on creating a friendly environment where everyone feels comfortable and to ensure we are working together as a... View Article →

Locating and fixing usability problems

Website usability is measured via user-related metrics for example load times, access to information, page behaviour and all other things relating to the user experience. Usability is ensuring that your website is easy to learn from, effective to use and... View Article →

The 5 Components of a Website

When it comes to websites, there’s a vast majority out there that think Web Design and development are the only parts of the vehicle. Sure, those are probably the two most important parts, but there’s also three other parts that... View Article →

The benefits of an Ecommerce website

Could an Ecommerce website benefit you? Electronic commerce or ecommerce is a term, which is widely used to describe any type of business transaction that involves the passing of information/data over the Internet. In the last decade, we have witnessed... View Article →

Website Maintenance

Why should you keep your website up to date? A website is an incredible tool used to communicate your information, or to market your product to a world-wide audience. An effective website requires mass planning, development and resources. However once... View Article →

Googles response to responsive design

The deadline for getting your website mobile friendly Google have drawn a line in the sand of April 21st 2015 with an indication on their latest webmaster blog that the global search engine will now prefer mobile-friendly websites in search... View Article →