Working as a team in and out of the studio

Since Xigen started over a decade ago, it has continued to grow and during that time there has been a real emphasis on creating a friendly environment where everyone feels comfortable and to ensure we are working together as a... View Article →

Magento 2.0 vs Magento 1.x

Magento is the world’s most popular ecommerce platform and one we proudly utilise here at Xigen, with its endless plug-ins and extensions that keep it ahead of the competition. Recently, our development team went the Magento Live 2015 conference in... View Article →

Web Design in Bedford

Xigen is a company based in Bedford and we are currently top of Google search for “web design Bedford.” We are extremely proud of this and it is something we could do for your business too! We are based on... View Article →

E-Commerce Websites at Xigen

At Xigen we use an E-Commerce system called ENCart. ENCart is a UK specific, multi-channel, shopping cart system that has been developed using many years of experience of E-Commerce. What does ENCart offer you as a client? In the back... View Article →

How Social Media Can Boost Your Business

Get a blog or blog more! Having a blog can help you tell you clients or customers more about your business, what you’re getting up to, what you’re planning on doing and just about anything else really, but only if... View Article →

We Will Design Anything For You!

Websites, emails, landing pages, static banners, flash banners, design for print, PDF’s, posters. You name it, we will do it for you! We are willing to design something specifically as you’ve asked us to, using all the information you have... View Article →

Welcome to Resifloor

Resifloor have just released a new website thanks to us at Xigen. Resifloor Limited was established in 2010 offering a wide range of building maintenance products to ensure that they can provide a cost effective solution no matter what the... View Article →