What is video production?

Video production has been widely utilised by businesses in the recent years but you already know that, don’t you? You just want to know what it actually is, and don’t worry we’ll explain. Welcome to a broken down and thoroughly... View Article →

Translation and localisation trends for 2017

2016 has been a year of revolution on the global landscape, not least with the shock of Brexit and the U.S.’s controversial choice of President. Naturally, there have been fears amongst the international business community about the impact of such... View Article →

Working as a team in and out of the studio

Since Xigen started over a decade ago, it has continued to grow and during that time there has been a real emphasis on creating a friendly environment where everyone feels comfortable and to ensure we are working together as a... View Article →

Translating your brand voice

Expanding your business on an international scale can be a daunting prospect but Xigen is here to help continue your success wherever you’re heading next! We know the impact good translations can have on a campaign by ensuring your brand... View Article →

Transcreation for social media

We have recently acquired a client for whom we transcreate a weekly batch of social media posts into Dutch and Polish. As some of the posts will be appearing on Twitter, we are obliged to keep to their character limit... View Article →

Streamlining our responsive emails

We’ve learnt a lot in the last few years In 2013, roughly 50% of email opens were on mobile and that figure is increasing day-by-day with some reports suggesting it is more like 66% now. Over the last couple of... View Article →